The National GT Tour®

The most beautiful valley in Portugal, with an exclusive touring, cultural and gastronomical expe...

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The National Regularity Classic®

A selective regularity rally, with the best of sportsmanship.

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The National Classic Tour®

The most beautiful alpine roads.

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The National Classic Tour® REVIVAL

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Recognised as the original classic car and regularity rally since it was created in 2000, the National Classic Tour® has hosted some of the most beautiful collection cars since its inception. Reserved for pre-war and post-war cars until 1965, the most vivid collectors and enthusiasts from Belgium and abroad have participated over the years.

For its 20th birthday, the National Classic Tour® goes back to its origins, starting from the most beautiful race circuit in the world: Spa-Francorchamps.

For 3 days, from April 5th to 7th, up to 100 cars and 200 participants will relive the emotions from the good old days in the Belgian automobile backyard, before joining the capital. En route, they will discover some of the country’s hidden jewels at lunch or dinner.

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